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The free spirits from Brescia, Italy

After Label designs and manufactures comfortable outerwear that does not compromise on style and fine tailoring. Persistent technological research integrates the most advanced solutions with impeccable fit, ensuring outstanding comfort in all environments: both urban lifestyle and outdoor. Afterlabel drops versatile garments that meet the needs of the modern man and woman who want to experience a bold elegance with a hype. Attention to detail and functionality through innovative features are key factors of After Label.



The brand name "after / label" contains the most important values and approach of the brand, which literally means: "going beyond labels".


Afterlabel uses a completely new business model that is customer and user-centric: the brand becomes a tool to manifest uniqueness.


The brand's first collections are inspired by the latest contemporary urban trends, with particular care and attention to quality materials, fine manufacturing and innovative features.


Afterlabel is designed to always be a step ahead in quality, comfort and style.


The iconic brand logo is a red slash "/" representing the "forward slash" symbol used in tech and programming languages to mean "after" or what comes after.



is the official license partner of AFTER LABEL for the European market.

Within a very short time, AFTER LABEL managed to become the nationally most renowned brand in its class. The luxury fashion from Italy inspires with unusual designs and elaborate refinements of their garments.

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